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    Anatomy and Physiology for Teachers

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An Affordable Way to Use Our Videos for Teaching

Based entirely on animated mini lectures by Alila Medical Media, this course includes the following:

  • > 80 animations of higher resolution (960px compared to 640px in the Student's course). Plus the right to show them in classroom (not allowed with the Student's course). When licensed individually, each animation costs $63.

  • > 160 illustrations that you can use in your lectures (> $800 value).

  • 70 illustrated PDFs and the right to distribute them to your students ( $700 value).

  • Downloadable quiz questions

  • This course is expandable. More content will be added on a regular basis. You may also request additional (relevant) videos, images and PDFs to be added to the course.

  • NEW: INTERACTIVE Lessons are being added - These are animated videos with closed caption, interactive slides, popup questions and graded quizzes - all in one for a rewarding teaching/learning experience! Check the curriculum regularly for new additions!

Course curriculum

    1. Cell Structure and Function

    2. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: Cell Structure and Functions

    3. Membrane Transport

    4. Membrane Potential

    5. Free images

    1. Nervous System Overview

    2. Action Potentials in Neurons

    3. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: Action Potential in Neurons

    4. Synaptic Transmission

    5. Neuronal Integration and Coding

    6. Neural Circuits and Networks

    7. The Other Cells: Neuroglia

    8. Spinal Cord: Tracts and Pathways

    9. Brain Anatomy Overview

    10. Higher Brain Function: Sleep

    11. Higher Brain Function: Learning and Memory

    12. Higher Brain Function: Language

    13. Cranial Nerves

    14. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: Cranial Nerves

    15. Vagus Nerve

    16. The Autonomic Nervous System

    17. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: The Autonomic Nervous System

    18. Somatic Sensation: Touch (Tactile)

    19. Somatic Sensation : Pain

    20. Special Senses: Olfactory

    21. Special Senses: Vision

    22. Special Senses: Taste

    23. Special Senses: Hearing

    24. Special Senses: Balance

    25. Free images

    1. Endocrine System Overview

    2. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: Endocrine System Overview

    3. The Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland

    4. The Thyroid Gland

    5. Parathyroid Gland - Calcium Metabolism

    6. The Adrenal Gland

    7. Pathology: Cushing Syndrome

    8. The Pancreas (Endocrine Function)

    9. Pathology: Diabetes

    10. The Ovary as an Endocrine Gland - The Menstrual Cycle

    11. Free images

    1. Cardiovascular System Overview

    2. Heart Anatomy and Blood flow

    3. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: Heart Blood Flow

    4. Cardiac Action Potential

    5. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: Cardiac Action Potential in Pacemaker Cells

    6. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: Cardiac Action Potential in Contractile Myocytes

    7. Cardiac Conduction System and ECG

    8. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: Cardiac Conduction System and ECG

    9. Cardiac Output

    10. Control of Blood Pressure

    11. Free images

    1. Lymphatic System Overview

    2. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: Lymphatic System Overview

    3. Immune System Overview

    4. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: Immune System Overview

    5. Innate Response - Inflammation

    6. Innate Response - Fever

    7. The Complement System

    8. Adaptive Response - Cellular Immunity

    9. Adaptive Response - Humoral Immunity

    10. The Spleen

    11. Pathology: Hypersensitivity

    12. Pathology: Primary Immunodeficiency

    13. Pathology: Acquired Immunodeficiency - HIV & AIDS

    14. Free images

    1. Digestive System Overview

    2. Swallowing

    3. The Stomach

    4. The Liver

    5. NEW! INTERACTIVE Version: The Liver

    6. Bile Pathways

    7. The Pancreas (Digestive Function)

    8. Small Intestine

    9. Large Intestine

    10. Metabolism: Carbohydrates

    11. Metabolism: Proteins

    12. Metabolism: Lipids

    13. Metabolism: Cholesterol

    14. Free images

About this course

  • > 80 animations of higher resolution (960px versus 640px), and the right to show them in class.
  • > 160 images for your lectures (> $800 value)
  • Downloadable PDFs and quiz questions

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    Anatomy and Physiology for Teachers

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FAQ for Teacher's Courses

  • Can I download the animations to use outside Alila Academy website?

    No. With a Teacher's course, you can show the animations to your students but this must be done within your account on Alila Academy website. To download the videos, you need to purchase them individually from

  • What can I download?

    You can download the images in the "Free images" sections, and any items that are marked as "Downloadable" (PDFs, quizzes). Please note that you may use these items only during the time of your access to the course. Once your access is expired, images that are already part of your lectures may remain there but they should not be used for any new lectures/projects.

  • Can I use the images for my website?

    No. The images are meant for your lectures, in class use only, and may not be uploaded online as stand-alone files. You may, however, upload your lectures that contain the images.

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