We Are Making Teaching/Learning Even Easier! Exciting New Free Upgrade - INTERACTIVE Lessons!

  • NEW: INTERACTIVE Lessons are being added - These are animated videos with closed caption for accessibility, interactive slides, popup questions and graded quizzes - all in one for a rewarding teaching/learning experience! Check the course curriculum regularly for new additions!

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About Our Courses

Our courses are based entirely on animated mini lectures by Alila Medical Media.

Alila Medical Media is known for producing highly effective animated videos that explain the most difficult concepts in record time.

Student's courses come with: animated video lessons, more detailed information, quizzes, downloadable PDFs, and free images to be used in school projects/presentations. Students, please note: these courses are not meant to replace your lectures or textbooks, but to help you understand them. 

Teacher's courses come with: higher resolution videos and the right to show them in class; downloadable PDFs and the right to distribute them to students, downloadable quiz questions, and free images to be used in lectures/presentations.

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